Dr. Eric Ruhland has put together several instructional pet videos that are informational and useful to maintaining your pets health. He has also made multiple television appearances, giving audiences insight on pet care and health.

Pet Videos

Television Appearances

How To Train Your Puppy in 2020
How To Deal With Pet Anxiety
Jason Asks the Vet
Keeping Pets Calm During Summer Storms

Informational Videos

Preventing Ear Infections
Cats and IBD
Ewww! Dr. Ruhland on Intestinal Parasites
Tips on Nail Trimming
Being a Locally Owned Small Business
April is Heartworm Awareness Month
Feline Heartworm Disease
Your Dog's Teeth
Tick-Borne Diseases In The Fall
Be Careful Where You Get Your Info
Allergies and Your Dogs!
Seasonal Allergies and Your Pets!
Statewide Increases in Veterinary Costs via Governor Dayton’s 2013 Tax reform
Dogs and Sidewalk Salt
Seniors and Pets
St. Paul Pet Hospital Tour
How To Give Your Pet A Medicated Bath
Maintenance Ear Cleaning
Oral Hygiene
Caring for Your Older Dog
Weight Management
Internet Advice
Litter Box Issues
Blood Work

"I felt that Dr. Eric answered all my questions and offered all necessary information on vaccines and general care. He provided background information and details. I never felt rushed."

-Carol M.

"We love St. Paul pet hospital!"

-Marjorie O.

“St. Paul Vet is amazing. The office/vet staff are caring and obviously love animals. I recommend Melinda to everyone looking for a great caring vet!”

-Christie Z.

“Ono loves coming to the Vet and everyone takes great care of her! The staff is friendly and very helpful. ”


“I live in Irvine Park, very near downtown, and first came to St. Paul Vet because it was close. Continued bringing my cat because I am comfortable with this clinic and its vets and staff.”

-Rita W.

“I just moved to the area from Portland Maine and it’s such a pleasure to find a great vet clinic in my new city. Thank you!”

-Erin V.

“I am very grateful to have found you! I feel like my pup in finally in good, competent hands. Thank you.”

-Gretchen T.

“Thank you so much for the compassionate, thorough and professional care. We couldn’t be happier.”

-Melissa K.

“Great clinic. I transferred her to this clinic because I recently moved to St. Paul. The most professional clinic I’ve ever been in.”

- Kelly S.

“Our young Pitbulls are prone to skin issues and Dr. Melinda is a wizard regarding such conditions. We’re forever grateful for the expertise and care that St. Paul Pet Hospital provides. Thank you for being amazing!"

– Ty B.

“Excellent new puppy first visit. Many questions answered throughly and patiently.”

– Shari D.

“We had a great experience! The reviews we read online prior to our visit definitely lived up to their expectations!”

– Chelsey T.

“I wish my own Dr called me 48 hours after my appointment to see how I was doing! Super impressed with that!”

– Emily J.

“I drive all the way from Blaine. But because of the care that Ruby receives from everyone in the office, I don’t mind the drive at all!”

– Kathi H.

“We couldn’t be happier with your service. You’re close, priced appropriately, cheerful staff and surrounding. Keep up the good work.”

– Gene N.