Cat & Dog Surgery in St. Paul

If your four-legged friend requires cat or dog surgery, you’ll be comforted to know we offer advanced surgical techniques and technology to ensure your pet gets the best outcome possible.

Advanced Surgical Services

In addition to traditional surgical options, we offer advanced, progressive surgical techniques to best treat our patients:

  • Electrocautery - In surgery, electrocautery refers to the use of a small probe containing electricity. The probe can remove unwanted tissue as well as seal blood vessels to reduce or halt bleeding. In addition to being a beneficial treatment option, electrocautery is completely safe with the use of a grounding pad.
  • Cryosurgery - A safe treatment alternative to the traditional surgical approach, this technique, which utilizes liquid nitrogen or nitrous oxide, freezes unwanted tissue and consequently destroys it.  It has proven to be very successful for a variety of skin conditions such as small tumors, cysts, skin tags, and other skin disorders, including some forms of cancer. The treatment causes the frozen tissue to fall off or dissolve, and sutures are usually not needed. This process may take up to 4 weeks, and fortunately, the pet experiences very little discomfort during this process. Another benefit is your pet may not have to be anesthetized, which is a very large benefit if your pet is elderly or more sensitive to anesthesia.
  • Orthopedic/complex procedures - We have a variety of specialists that come to our hospital to perform more involved/advanced procedures including soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries, along with advanced imaging such as abdominal ultrasound and echocardiograms.

Points to Keep in Mind


  • Do not give your pet any food after 8 PM the night before surgery (except for water).
  • Arrive at the hospital by 8:00 the morning of surgery.
  • Consent forms and procedure estimates must be signed.
  • If your pet’s surgery requires anesthesia, we will recommend or require pre-surgical blood work for safety.
  • Contact information for a responsible person available throughout the day must be provided.
  • Discussion of any risks, possible complications, and recovery of your pet. Feel free to ask questions.

Feel free to call during the day to check on your pet’s status. The surgery team will call you with your pet’s status when they are in recovery.

dog after surgery
cat with bandaged leg

Cat and Dog Surgery Recovery

For their complete recovery, your pet's care should extend after their discharge from our care. Please keep the following in mind, and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions:

  • Follow the doctor’s instructions.
  • Monitor your pet’s incision for swelling and redness.
  • Prevent your pet from licking or chewing at their incision.
  • Monitor your pet’s appetite.
  • Maintain bandages and give medications as instructed.
  • Return for follow-up as directed.

"I felt that Dr. Eric answered all my questions and offered all necessary information on vaccines and general care. He provided background information and details. I never felt rushed."

-Carol M.

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