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Veterinarian & Animal Hospital in Richfield, MN

Our veterinarians in Richfield, MN, share a common goal: to deliver complete, lifelong care to your pet that strengthens the bond they share with you. With a wealth of services to support every lifestyle and ensure the best possible health for your companion, St. Paul Pet Hospital is where you want to go for personable service, expert pet care, and a satisfying experience.

And we don’t stop at providing outstanding treatment to our patients; we’re also enthusiastic about educating pet owners like you! You’ll feel confident about making smart healthcare decisions for your four-legged family member and have peace of mind knowing you can turn to us for any question or concern you have.


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Where Can You Go with Your Pet in the Richfield, MN Area?

We all want to spend more time with our pets. And thanks to Richfield’s proximity to the big city, you can! You can check out the Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery with your pup by your side or take them for a run at High Bridge Dog Park (or one of the many other dog parks in the area). There are lots of nearby pet-friendly restaurants you can try too, including Gabe’s by the Park, The Howe Daily Kitchen & Bar, and Red Cow.

Meet Our Dedicated Team of Veterinarians

St. Paul Pet Hospital’s veterinarians and support team want to understand your pet’s unique needs, and your unique situation. We take a personalized approach to caring for our patients and clients, because we know that the best medicine is delivered with a personal touch. It’s why we love doing what we do!

Veterinary Services We Provide in Richfield, MN

Pet Wellness Plans

Our pet wellness plans give dogs and cats the care they need for their age, lifestyle, and overall health. These plans cover all the essential services, including exams, vaccinations, and diagnostic workups.

Cat & Dog Vaccinations

Cats and dogs are the main beneficiaries of our vaccines, but by protecting your pet, you also protect yourself, your other human family members, and the greater Richfield, MN, community.

Cat & Dog Teeth Cleaning

Staying on top of your pet’s oral health sets them up for a healthier and more comfortable life. Our animal hospital provides professional cat and dog teeth cleanings to remove tartar and reduce future buildup.

Spay & Neuter Services

We recommend spay and neuter surgeries to prevent unwanted litters and improve your pet’s health and behavior. Dogs and cats that are “fixed” have a chance to live longer by avoiding harmful reproductive diseases.

Cat & Dog Allergy Relief

Dogs and cats aren’t strangers to allergies and skin disorders. At St. Paul Pet Hospital, we can work to find the cause of your pet’s itching and irritation and help them find lasting relief.

At-Home Euthanasia Services

Your pet’s final moments should be as peaceful and comfortable as possible. That’s why we offer at-home pet euthanasia services to give families the private, stress-free moments they and their pets deserve.

Emergency Vet Care

Pet emergencies are often unexpected by nature, but our team is available during regular opening hours to give your pet priority. If an urgent situation strikes, just give us a call and our team will jump into action to assist you.

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