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Veterinarian and Animal Hospital in Maplewood, MN

If you are searching for a new veterinarian near Maplewood, MN, St. Paul Pet Hospital has two convenient animal hospital locations to serve you. We are committed to the lifelong care of your pet and to nurturing the bond you share with them. Our veterinarians and staff members work hard to cultivate a warm, welcoming environment in which outstanding care, service, and overall experience are the norm.
Meet our team below and see what services our animal hospitals have to offer in the Maplewood, MN, area. We look forward to serving you and guiding you along on your journey with your four-legged family member.


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Pet-Friendly Places to Visit in Maplewood, MN

Maplewood’s Battle Creek Dog Park offers 35 acres of fully enclosed park for your pup to romp around in, along with hiking trails, ponds, and plenty of shady areas, too. Across the way from the dog park is Battle Creek Regional Park, full of walking paths, bike trails, and more. It’s a popular hangout spot for families and your pup is most certainly welcome!

Get to Know Our Veterinary Team

Your four-legged family member deserves a team that truly cares about them. Our veterinarians and staff share their lives with pets, and they know just how much your companion means to you. They’ll take every opportunity to educate you on all things pet care and stay in contact to make sure your loved one is up to date with all their routine treatments.

Veterinary Services We Provide Near Maplewood, MN

Pet Wellness Plans

Our comprehensive wellness plans include regular wellness checkups, vaccinations, thorough blood work, and parasite control. These services are designed to proactively prevent illnesses and provide your pet with the best chance at a long healthy life.

Cat & Dog Vaccinations

Dogs and cats need vaccines from a young age to protect against rabies and other diseases. We offer tailored vaccination schedules to ensure safe, effective protection for your best friend.

Cat & Dog Teeth Cleaning

We can clean your pet’s teeth professionally to remove calculus and infectious bacteria. Many dogs and cats have some form of dental disease, which can be prevented with at-home care provided by you, and teeth cleanings provided by our skilled team.

Spay & Neuter Services

Why spay and neuter? In addition to preventing unwanted pregnancies, these surgeries can lead to improvements in your pet’s long-term health, and in their behavior.

Cat & Dog Allergy Relief

Does your pet have allergies? If they’re itching and scratching, they should see their vet as soon as possible for treatment. We can give your pet relief and find the root cause of their condition so they can live more comfortably in the long term.

At-Home Euthanasia Services

Saying goodbye to your pet is never easy, but with at-home euthanasia, we can give your pet and your family the privacy and comfort you deserve during this difficult time.

Emergency Vet Care

Is your pet having an emergency? Call our animal hospital near Maplewood, MN and we’ll suggest the best course of action. This may include coming right away, or going to the nearest animal ER.

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