Veterinarian & Animal Hospital for Minnetonka, MN, Pets

Your pet’s well-being and longevity and your satisfaction are our top priorities at St. Paul Pet Hospital. We view ourselves as your family veterinarian, providing ongoing care and helpful recommendations to keep your companion in the best of health for as long as possible. Along with treating your pet, we also strive to educate you, providing credible information and resources to empower your choices for your pet. We hope to serve as your lifelong partner in their care so you can share many more years together!

Conveniently located near Minnetonka, MN, our animal hospitals offer a full range of services and compassionate, steadfast care that meets all your pet’s needs at every life stage.


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What Makes Minnetonka, MN, a Pleasant Place for Pets

Minnetonka has plenty of pet-friendly activities that you and your four-legged friend can enjoy together. There's several off-leash dog parks nearby, and pet friendly restaurants, including Duke's on 7, that has a year-round covered outdoor "paw-tio".

If you have family and friends that have pets, Minnetonka has several hotel and vacation rental properties that allow furry friends to stay, too.

Get to Know Our Veterinarians & Team

At St. Paul Pet Hospital, our veterinarians take the time to get know you and your pets. In fact, we have one-hour long appointments for your pet’s first exam with us. Find out more about our veterinarians below:

Our Services We Offer for Minnetonka, MN, Pets

Pet Wellness Plans

A healthy and long life is possible for your pet with the help of a wellness plan. Our animal hospital offers pet wellness plans for dogs and cats of all ages in order to meet their age-based needs, including routine exams, bloodwork, and vaccinations.

Cat & Dog Vaccinations

You can help make your pet, and the greater Minnetonka community, healthier and safer with routine vaccinations. We carry vaccines for rabies, Lyme, lepto, and various other diseases that are common among dogs and cats.

Cat & Dog Teeth Cleaning

We are happy to keep your pet’s smile white and healthy with teeth cleanings for dogs and cats. Good oral health lowers your pet’s risk for dental disease, tooth loss, and heart, liver, and kidney disease. We recommend annual cat and dog teeth cleanings to ensure the best oral health for your pet!

Spay & Neuter for Dogs and Cats

How important is it to spay and neuter your pets? Very! At St. Paul Pet Hospital, we routinely perform spays and neuters to prevent unwanted litters and reduce cancer and other disease risks in dogs and cats.

Cat & Dog Allergy Relief

Allergies are one of the most common conditions we treat in pets here in Minnetonka. Itchy skin, runny eyes, and sneezing are some of the telltale signs of cat and dog allergies, and timely treatment is a must to minimize symptoms and improve your pet’s quality of life.

At-Home Euthanasia Services

We are committed to giving your pet the best care throughout their life, and the end of their life is no less important. To make saying goodbye easier for you and your pet, we can provide at-home pet euthanasia services.

Emergency Vet Care

If an emergency happens while our hospital is open, don’t hesitate to call us or come in so we can help your pet! Emergencies shouldn’t wait and your pet will be given first priority if they need to see us immediately.


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