Responsible Pet Ownership

Pet ownership is extremely rewarding and gives us the privilege of sharing our lives with loving companions. We all want to be the best guardians for our dogs and cats, who rely on us for their every need. Our animal hospital in St. Paul is happy to provide lifelong care for pets and take part in nurturing the bonds between families and their four-legged friends. As your veterinarian, we hold ourselves responsible for making sure that you understand your pet’s needs and are able to make the right choices for their health.

Below are some important reminders to help guide you as you and your pet journey through life together. If you have any questions, call us in Cathedral Hill at (651) 789-6275 or Highland Park at (651) 789-0099.

Tips to Help You Be the Best Cat or Dog Owner

  • Take time choosing a pet that best suits your home and lifestyle
  • Don’t get more pets than you can support
  • Remember that your pet is a 10 to 20-year commitment
  • Enroll your puppy in obedience training as soon as possible and make sure they’re socialized often
  • Have your pet spayed or neutered at the appropriate time to prevent unwanted litters and the potential for reproductive cancers
  • Consult with your veterinarian to make sure your pet is receiving the right nutrition, exercise, shelter, and overall health care
  • Set aside money or consider pet insurance in case of an emergency
  • Keep up with your pet’s wellness plan, which should include annual physical exams, vaccinations, monthly parasite control, and blood work
  • Don’t walk your dog without a leash
  • Check to make sure that you’re obeying local ordinances regarding licensing, leashing, and noise control
  • Have your pet microchipped and keep their collar tags up-to-date
  • Be observant of your pet’s daily habits and activities and be sure to alert your veterinarian if you notice any unusual behaviors

Have any Questions About Pet Ownership?

When in doubt, contact us! Whether you have a simple question or need to consult with your veterinarian, we’re always here to help you. Like you, we’re committed to seeing your pet enjoy many healthy years with your family.