At-Home Cat & Dog Euthanasia Services in St. Paul, MN

The final moments of life. It’s not a topic that any loving pet owner wants to think about, but sadly, it’s an inevitable one. Your pet is your best friend and member of the family, so we know you want them to move on from this world as comfortably and painlessly as possible. That’s where we come in. St. Paul Pet Hospital offers wellness care for the puppy/kitten years through the golden years, but we also offer at-home cat and dog euthanasia services for when it’s time to say goodbye to your beloved companion.

What Can I Expect Before My Pet Is Euthanized?

We understand how emotionally challenging this time can be, so we offer both our expertise and support through every phase of the pet euthanasia process. Once you’ve decided it’s time to put your pet down, you can call to make an appointment for the at-home procedure. Upon our arrival to your home, feel free to ask any questions you have, as we want both you and your pet to comfortable and at peace. In addition to the pet euthanasia process itself, we can address your aftercare options, including burial and cremation.

We will respectfully allow you and your family as much time as you need to spend with your dog or cat before saying goodbye. When you, your family, and your companion are ready to proceed, we administer a sedative to relieve any pain your pet could experience. Once your pet is relaxed, we administer the final medication that will allow them to pass peacefully.

What Are the Benefits of At-Home Pet Euthanasia?

Some pets—especially cats—aren’t fans of traveling in a car or going to the vet, even for standard wellness visits. Some pets can even sense when something’s wrong, since they tend to feed off of their owners’ emotions, so making that final trip to the vet can be very stressful and more emotional. With St. Paul Pet Hospital’s at-home pet euthanasia services, you can eliminate many of these issues. Your pet can “make the transition” in an environment that they are most comfortable with, their home. Plus, you can grieve in the place that you’re most comfortable in.

How Can I Learn More About At-Home Pet Euthanasia in St. Paul, MN?

If you have additional questions about our at-home euthanasia services, or if you’re ready to schedule an appointment for the procedure, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team members are standing by and prepared to give you peace of mind as you prepare for this new journey with your pet. We are dedicated to the comfort and well-being of your pet, so please let us know how we can help.