Embracing Summer with Our Furry Friends: Navigating Common Hazards

As we welcome the sunny and adventurous season of summer, our hearts fill with joy at the thought of spending quality time with our beloved pets. However, it’s important to be mindful of potential hazards that may come with this vibrant season.

In our St. Paul, MN, animal hospital‘s article, we’ll explore some common risks associated with summers in the Midwest and share warm and caring tips to keep our furry companions safe, happy, and worry-free.

summer pets st. paul, mn

Heat and Humidity

Ah, those sun-drenched days and balmy evenings! While we relish the warmth, let’s ensure our pets stay cool and comfortable:

  • Our veterinarians advise providing plenty of fresh water and shaded areas for our furry friends, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Let’s plan our walks and playtime during the cooler parts of the day, such as early mornings or late evenings.
  • Please remember, leaving our pets unattended in parked cars is a big no-no. Temperatures can rise rapidly and endanger their well-being.

Fleas, Ticks, and Mosquitoes

While we enjoy outdoor adventures, pesky parasites may try to hitch a ride. Let’s protect our pets like family:

  • Our team recommends using trusted flea and tick preventives to keep those unwelcome visitors at bay. Reach out to purchase your preventatives today!
  • After outdoor escapades, giving our pets a gentle check for ticks is a great practice.
  • If mosquitoes are buzzing around, consult our veterinarians for advice on safe and effective repellents or preventive measures against heartworm disease.

Allergens and Pollens

Ah-choo! Our pets may also experience seasonal allergies. Let’s provide relief and comfort:

  • If our furry friends show signs of allergies, like itching or sneezing, our team is here to offer guidance and suitable treatment options.
  • After outdoor outings, giving our pets a gentle wipe-down helps minimize allergen exposure.
  • Keeping our yards well-maintained helps reduce excessive grass and weed growth, which can trigger allergies.

Toxic Plants and Chemicals

Summer brings an array of blooming flora and potential hazards. Let’s create a safe environment for our pets:

  • Familiarize yourself with common toxic plants, and let’s keep them out of our pets’ reach.
  • Our team recommends using pet-safe fertilizers, pesticides, and insect repellents to avoid accidental poisoning.
  • When using cleaning agents or chemicals, let’s ensure they are stored securely, away from curious paws.

Fireworks and Loud Noises

Summer celebrations can be loud and dazzling, but they can also be distressing for our pets. Let’s help them feel safe:

  • Creating a calm and cozy space indoors, away from fireworks and noise, lets our pets relax and unwind.
  • Our team can suggest anxiety wraps or pheromone diffusers to provide a soothing atmosphere.
  • Ensuring proper identification, such as microchips or collar tags, gives us peace of mind if our pets become startled and seek solace elsewhere.

Let’s cherish every moment spent with our furry companions. By proactively addressing common hazards, we ensure their well-being and create memorable experiences together. Remember, our team is here to provide warm and caring guidance tailored to your pet’s needs. Let’s make this summer a joyous and hazard-free season for our beloved furry friends.

Wishing you and your pets an abundance of love, laughter, and safe adventures this summer!