Mobile Vet

Mobile Vet Services in St. Paul, MN

We understand that anxiety, lack of adequate transportation, or other factors might prevent you and your pet from coming to our hospital. However, that shouldn't get in the way of them receiving the care they need. Regardless of the reason, our team is more than happy to accommodate you and provide mobile vet care in the comfort of your home.

Interested in our mobile vet services?
Appointments can be scheduled during our regular business hours.
Call us at (651) 789-6275 (Cathedral Hill) or (651) 789-0099 (Highland Park).

Mobile Vet Services We Provide

Since we can’t take the whole hospital with us to your home, we do have some limiting factors regarding the services we can provide. Luckily, most of your pet’s essential needs can be taken care of easily at a house call.

  • Physical exams

  • Collect blood, fecal, or skin samples for testing

  • Apply parasite prevention

  • Nail trims

House Calls Benefit Anxious Pets

Some pets become fearful in the clinic for a variety of reasons, including concern about the smells of other animals, wariness of unfamiliar people, and more. This anxiety can make treating them difficult if not impossible, but they shouldn't have to go without essential care. With mobile vet care, we can treat your pet in the comfort of home, where they can be more at ease being among familiar people and surroundings. Treating pets in their own homes can lower their stress levels and give owners peace of mind knowing that their companions are staying healthy in body and mind.

How to Prep for a House Call Visit

Before our veterinarian and team arrive at your house, make sure you have a clean, quiet room for us to work in. It may also be necessary to keep any other pets you have in another secure, safe location so they don’t provide too many distractions or cause unneeded stress on the pet we’re there to see. Please also limit the number of people in the area where we perform the exam in order to create a calming environment.

Ready to schedule your mobile vet visit?

Contact us at Cathedral Hill: (651) 789-6275 or Highland Park: (651) 789-0099.