Procedure for Bringing in a pet

- When you arrive, stay in your car and call us at (651) 789-6275. A team member will come out to collect your pet.

* For fearful pets that require a muzzle and their owners for comfort, we ask that you consider pushing off your preventative care visits until you are able to be with your pet. If your fearful pet is sick, we may ask you to place a muzzle prior to the pet coming into the building.

* As always, dogs must be leashed and cats secured in a carrier. We will not be permitted to transport cats into the building if they are not in a carrier.

- While you wait in the car, your pet will be examined and we will call you to discuss our recommended treatment plan. Please make sure that you will be able to be reached by phone during the appointment.

- Once we have your permission, treatment will be provided. Upon completion a staff member will bring your pet back to your car.


Credit card payments can be taken over the phone. Please avoid bringing cash or checks to minimize contact. Clients will not be permitted in the building at this time.

Picking Up Prescriptions / Medication / Food

If you are picking up prescriptions/food please pull in the parking lot, call us, and we will bring it to you. Additionally, we will have medication available through our online pharmacy.